free radio jaffa

collaboration with Ronen Eidelman
Curator: Eyal Danon

Liberating space through art and action.
Radio Free Jaffa will be roaming through Jaffa with a human antenna, broadcasting in close-range. It may not be noticeable, but if your radio starts behaving strangely, you can assume we are in the area.
Radio free Jaffa is Kasia Krakowiak in cooperation with Ronen Eidelman.
Along Jerusalem Boulevard the entrance into Jaffa , Radio Free Jaffa made a radio intervention into all radio transmissions in the proximity.
Radio Free Jaffa, offers a free space which is much needed in Jaffa, and deals with the current social and political situation in Jaffa by highlighting the housing crises and the evictions of Arab residents from the city.
The project was made with the help of Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon.  and in the framework of „ The Jaffa Project; Autobiography of the City” by the Ayam Association.

Translation of Hebrew:
Traffic report: (Translation) Heavy traffic on Jerusalem Blvd. due to the eviction of a single mother with six children from a public housing project owned by “Halamish”. Please use alternative routes to bypass the harsh reality of Jaffa cleansing.
Jaffa Advertising: (Translation) Living in Jaffa! A dream that can come true, live in an authentic Arab style house, walk the old city alleys, and view the historic port – all is possible. In planning: up to 500 homes – now in process of clearing. One of them can be yours.
(In informative voice) this offer is limited; visit our website to see if you are suitable:
General advertisement: (Translation) Free space! Free radio Jaffa is giving you free space for free… (5 second quiet). This free space was brought to you from free radio Jaffa. For more information visit: