Shipyard Radio Station

Human Antena – Shipyard Radio Station, performance + reconstruction of the Shipyard’s broadcasting center.

Curator: Aneta Szylak

May 28th
Former premises of the Gdańsk Shipyard and the Hall 90B

Katarzyna Krakowiak, an artist based in Tricity, undertakes the reconstruction of the shipyard’s broadcasting center, that in the past was a genuine bloodstream of Gdańsk Shipyard. It combined and enabled the constant flow of the information within the closed system. Currently a part of the halls does not exist any more, a sophisticated system of the radio links disappeared along with it. The reconstruction of the broadcasting center, based on the experience of one of its creators, will liven up the communication space on the Shipyard premises, through the artistic activities.

On the opening of the Alternativa Festival two audition will be broadcast:
morning audition 10.00 – 10.30 and the noon audition 14.15 – 15.00, matching the former rhythm of work: during the breakfast brake and between the first and the second shift, in a shift work system of Gdańsk Shipyard.

In the evening we invite to the participation in one-hour performance Human Antena – Shipyard Radio Station, that will take place in front of the Hall 90B building.

On May 28th turn on the radio and search for the Shipyard Radio Station frequency!,HumanAntenaRozglosniaStocznia94FM,pid,82,oid,337,cid,89,lang,2.html