Best to the Best, 2015

Katarzyna Krakowiak: Best to the Best

February 2015

To understand Katarzyna Krakowiak’s work one needs to release all ideas of one’s understanding of space as only a purely visual dimension. She encorporates sound as a tool to expand the sensory experience of architecture.

This work here for TIFA ‘ Best to the Best ‘ challenges the fundamental concepts of what space and architecture offer. She is directly linking the meaning of outside and inside. This ambitious project involves a construction crane opposite the TIFA, belonging to a city developer to shift its attention for the duration of workshop to gently nudge the polite, old and one can say ‘heritage’ TIFA complex as an act of threat to open a dialog… of an act of a territorial threat display.

A purposeful hinderance of a hand pound mud structure made using traditional building techinques is placed at the entrance of the complex to fill an earlier empty space. Feel free to feel claustrophobic.