Chute/ Zsyp FACT Gallery, Liverpool 2013

Katarzyna Krakowiak Chute, 2013, FACT Gallery, Liverpool
13 June 2013 – 22 September 2013
curators:Turning FACT Inside Out was curated by Mike Stubbs, FACT Director and Aneta Krzemien

video documentation:

Chute, by Katarzyna Krakowiak, was commissioned by FACT with the support of The Polish Institute and The Adan Mickiewicz

Chute, Krakowiak’s response to the brief for Turning FACT Inside Out, seeks to examine similar notions, turning the gallery into a ‘sound chute’ and a listening device; amplifying and transforming the building’s soundscape.

Krakowiak was invited to work with FACT’s material, content and architecture in order to better understand the building, both in its abstract form as a purpose-designed structure, but also as an everyday space used by thousands of people.

Inspired by function-focused Modernist architecture, and in particular Communist blocks with their industrial rubbish chutes, Krakowiak has created an installation which opens up hidden spaces in FACT; throwing the disregarded functionality of the building straight into the gallery. Chute dramatically alters the architecture of the space: emphasising the existing angles and slopes and physically bringing the outside, inside by revealing windows previously hidden in the walls; allowing natural light and air to flow into the construction.

Bringing the outside in is central to this piece. Krakowiak extracts both live and recorded sounds from the purely functional areas in the FACT building –lift shafts, staircases, loading bays- which we would normally overlook, disregard and actively soundproof, and allows them to tumble down into Gallery 2. Chute considers the importance of sound to architecture; foregrounding those sounds which we are used to ignoring, or ‘throwing away’ and repositioning them in our experience of what a building -and in particular an arts centre- is, and does.