Earth Moon Earth Moon/ Gone to Croatan

Curators: Daniel Muzyczuk, Robert Rumas

The antenna EME (Earth – Moon – Earth) sends a signal to the Moon, which bounces back in a deformed shape due to the asymmetric properties of the Moon’s surface. The returning signal reaches every place from which it has been visible. Work constitutes a certain linguistic metaphor which disrupts the message in order to pass it over to further receivers. The message is being split, which is a reminder of Derrida’s concept of dissemination, a multiplicity of meanings. This game between abundance and scarcity does not carry hope for the stabilization of sense. On the other hand it reminds us of the voice of the mythical mountain nymph Echo who could only repeat the last words out of many of her lover Narcissus. It takes two seconds for a message sent from Earth to reach the Moon and then, bounce back to Earth. In 2.8 seconds after its initial launch, the message is able to register the echo. The asymmetric properties of the Moon’s surface has an impact on the deformation of the echo. The distance between the Earth and the Moon, the speed of light, the antenna, the transmitter, the receiver.