Part II of “Possibility 02: Growth”/ Shorthand, P! NYC

curator: Prem Krishnamurthy

“Nothing in our solar system is truly unlimited, of course; no expansion can go on forever; but an exponential growth of wealth can be considered rationally if we can find the environment in which that growth can proceed for many hundreds of years …”
—Gerard K. O’Neill, The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space, 1977

The second exhibition at P!, Possibility 02: Growth, speaks to the myth of unchecked expansion through varying modes of inhabitation. Over its seven week duration, the exhibition will transform periodically, spurred by the ongoing accumulation of works by different participants. A microcosm for the outpacing rhythm of urban development, the arrival of each new work dislodges the previous ones and redefines the space. This serialized installation and re-configuration activates a scarce resource — space itself — allowing the works to function as distinct and potentially oppositional bodies, each filling the architectural volume in turn. As an experiment in proliferation,Possibility 02: Growth speculates on how displacement and cohabitation upset conventional models of exhibition and the social relations they reflect.

Each participant and new work will be announced in succession on a weekly basis.

The second piece, Shorthand (2012) by Katarzyna Krakowiak, opens 15 November 2012. Shorthand employs sculpture, sound, and performance to translate the silence of space into a physical condition. With thanks to Residency Unlimited.