Tallinn in Tallinn: Liberating Space through Art and Action, 2011

Curator: Sabine Himmelsbach

Radio Intervention, Commission for the gateways exhibition

Katarzyna Krakowiak becomes a “human antenna” on the roof of the Kumu Museum. During an hour-long performance on 12 May 2011 in Tallinn, she sets about “transmitting silence.” But it is not very quiet when she uses her transmitters – camouflaged by a cheap supermarket shopping bag – to broadcast her own radio program over all analogue receivers in the area.
„Human antenna” makes a „invisible cloud of silence”

With in Tallinn, Katarzyna Krakowiak is staging a performance or radio intervention in the city center of Tallinn, transmitting her program to all analog radio programs in the vicinity. The artist, equipped with camouflaged transmitting devices—suitcases on wheels—will be walking around the urban space of Tallinn as a human antenna, broadcasting in close‐range to an accidental audience. It is probable that not everyone will realize what is going on when their radios start behaving strangely. This is when Krakowiak and her collaborators begin broadcasting.