The green plant

2011, The green plant error.

A story about a tree.
The longing for intimacy, the romantic story about a lonely tree and its slow responses to fear.
A green plant does not have muscles, it does not make sudden movements, it is aware of its limits. An inside slowness of movement fills its intimate space. A plant error, trembling, shivering, clumsy, defined by passion. The longing for various words it wishes to remember. A lonely, alienated tree-weed. It has a nervous system which is similar to mine. Capable of remembering and learning. It remembers colours and makes use of such knowledge to survive. A subtle error and the history of beauty within it. A moment when meanings dissolve and space is left for mistakes.
The naivety of leaves. The ones in the shade have not felt the sun. The old, experienced leaves are able to teach the young and naïve ones how to exist and not notice the difference. The quality of sun exposure has not influenced the colours of particular leaves. Is it camouflage or deceit? Will the green plant be able to survive a 100 years inside a time machine? This is a question about the longing for imperfection. Evanescence. The romantic hope that imperfection is a natural phenomenon. The longing for error. The intimate life of green plants.