London 2008

Curator: Kit Hammonds


Projects “Wall Zone” is overlay experiences of the city with references to history and contemporary life.
New project for Games & Theory in South London Gallery is a guided tour of the area inside the London Wall using mobile phone technology.
On 26 July and 2 August 2008 registered users can follow a treasure trail in the City of London directed by Bluetooth technology to unearth hidden histories beneath the capital’s financial district.
It creates a virtual wall in mobile phones. Messages present meaning of walls present and in the past. Create a virtual Murale.
The project is temporary attempts to rebuild and separate the borders and make a question what a mean contemporary borders. Mobile phones and Bluetooth technology are used to localise the people in the area of the wall. When the project participant crossed the former of area around the walls he receive a graphic messages (gif.) with my questions.

I am using the wall as metaphor of the beginning. I am re-mapping this area, try to show how much is changing the meaning this wall now, how it change people, and show that the wall we can use not only like physical objects.

The localization of mobile phones is some how crossing a borders of intimacy, use the private space of mobile phones area. It builds a virtual network of its users, it makes them aware of the fact that we are controlled and subjected to technology. The reconstruction of wall is virtual and I reconstruct a wall / borders but for that I am using a communication medium. I engage people to conversation to each other.