Zona del Silencio

Mexico 2008- 2012

Radio installation,

The Mapimí Silent Zone is the popular name for a desert patch near the Bolsón de Mapimí in Mexico overlapping the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve that is the subject of an urban myth that claims it is an area where radio signals cannot be received.

Four kilometers from San Ignacio, Mexico, in an area also known as the “Trino Vertex” is the Silent Zone or Zona del Silencio. Frequently compared to the Bermuda Triangle — both are located between parallels 26 and 28 and have similar legends — the legends say radio waves can not be transmitted in certain areas of the silent zone due to local magnetic fields, aliens, and “earth energy” among other explanations. The story of how these storys came to be is much stranger, and more interesting, than the paranormal legends would suggest.

Radios didn’t’ work there, inside a silent zone (these zones drift over time, so can be hard to “find”) you cannot hear the conversations of other people.

The phenomena is now claimed to have been first reported in the 1930s by Francisco Sarabia, a Mexican pilot, who claimed that his radio had mysteriously failed to function while flying over the zone. Similar claims have been made by other persons who have visited the zone, (though only after the missile accident) that radio signals didn’t work and compasses were unusable. Other claims are that the area attracts meteorites and causes various mental problems.